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Our story.

Let me share my personal journey with you. I was fortunate to have a wonderful childhood, growing up in a loving home as the youngest of four kids. I enjoyed incredible experiences, participating in sports, music, and various activities. Looking back, I cherish those memories with fondness.

However, as I stepped into adulthood, embracing the myth of independence, I realized that there were missing pieces from my own upbringing. Like many of us, my childhood wasn't perfect. Through introspection and deep work, I came to understand that while I knew I was loved, I didn't feel truly seen, heard, or known during my younger years. It's an experience that shaped me, especially as someone who was physically smaller, always striving to make my voice heard and be noticed.

Fast forward to becoming a parent of our four amazing children. I believed that as long as they had love and a great childhood, everything would be fine. But I soon discovered that I lacked the necessary tools and knowledge to parent them effectively. I had no idea how to provide the level of guidance and connection they truly needed.

After dedicating eight years to working for the church and advocating for family-first values, I found myself at a crossroads. While others praised me as a great dad and husband, my own family didn't share the same sentiment. They saw me as good or mediocre. I wasn't intentionally hurting anyone, but I also wasn't intentionally loving them. My career received the best of my energy, creativity, and passion, while my family received the leftovers.

"Every moment matters, but there's unlimited grace for when I miss a moment."

Can you relate to this struggle? Most of us don't set out to be inadequate parents, but we often find ourselves unsure of how to navigate the complexities of raising children while progressing in our careers. We may lack the guidance or role models, feeling the pressure to have it all figured out and fearing that seeking help makes us failures. This destructive lie erodes the very foundations of our relationships with our kids.

The truth is, there's no ready-made handbook for parenting our unique children. While general parenting books exist, consuming helpful information is only part of the solution. Despite reading concepts and helpful books, many of us still struggle to form deep connections and bond with our kids. We grapple with these challenges without a clear pathway, and the societal stigma around asking for help further compounds the problem.

But I offer you a different perspective. Together, we can embark on a transformative journey. Through my coaching services, I will equip you with the tools and insights to build a secure attachment, truly see your child's authentic self, and invest quality time that fosters their identity and sense of belonging. Let's break free from the cycle of giving our kids only the leftovers and discover the profound joy of meaningful parenting.

Unlock the secrets to joyful parenting and create deep connections with your child.

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