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See. Hear. Know.

Our kids need more than our love. It is our job to ensure they feel seen, heard and known, and we are here to help you do just that, better.

Our mission

Build deep, joyful bonds with your children.

My name is Dan Tinquist. As a child I knew my parents loved me, yet I rarely felt seen, heard or known. Learn how I've used my story to change the script.

Our story

Monthly Masterclass.

Join with other parents who are eager to see a shift in their home culture.

These monthly classes serve as a primer to my course and connect you to people working hard to create deep joyful bonds with their kids, as well.


More Than Loved Course.

Spend the next 40 days in our course to flip the next 40 years in your parenting journey.

We cover where you are, where you want to be, and create a path to get there.

Coupled with weekly group coaching calls, this course is the deep dive you need to forge a new path in your home culture.

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One-On-One Coaching.

This is a great option for those who want personalized coaching with 100% Confidentiality.

This investment will get you exclusive one-on-one access to Dan and he will personally guide you through the course and coach you to realize massive transformation in your parenting and personal life.

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Services we offer.

Invest quality time in your parenting skills.

It is no secret that parenting well can be a total time suck. Research, implementation, trial-and-error, exhaustion, and all the mental maps we run thinking about how we've screwed it all up.

Read our blog to get snippets of our proven TWS Method (tws=time well spent) to implement into your own home culture.

Read our blog

Listen to the latest podcast.

Matt C.

"As a busy dad is it so easy to rush through life and not slow down for those intentional moments with our kids. I really appreciate Dan's ability to teach me how to slow down, be intentional and truly connect with my kids."

In their words.

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